Our Clients

We Work With Great People

We enjoy working with our clients. And we like to brag about the great work we get to do with them.

With the campaigns that have been tracked, we have generated nearly 5,000,000 responses to various client offerings including:

  • Over 50,000 new monthly donors acquired
  • Numerous credit cards securely processed
  • 26,000 children sponsored
  • Over 1.2 million petition responses including e-letters mailed to government officials
  • Nearly 3 million Bibles paid for, shipped, and distributed overseas

What They Have Said…

Children International

“Dating back to 2004, WebDirectAdvertising has helped us acquire thousands of new child sponsors. They continue to develop new leading edge technology to take advantage of the growing online opportunities. We value their services and look forward to our continued relationship.”

Care Net

“Over the years, Care Net has worked with many different marketing agencies, but when it came to the Internet, only WebDirectAdvertising delivered a solid return on our investment month in and month out.”

Mercy Ships International

“Our monthly donors are typically the most difficult to acquire – especially on the internet. Yet WebDirect delivered them to us without our cost parameters and with minimized risk, two critical points in donor marketing. Moreover, they were able to share donor continuity strategies, and help us to reach out to some donors that had lapsed – all of which recently paid off with a notable upturn in giving”

Voice of the Martyrs

“Our fastest growing segment of new donors and gifts is through the internet. And we trust WebDirect Advertising exclusively to execute this for us.”